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Keeping Bees in Horizontal Hives ~ by Georges de Layens

Learn directly from Georges de Layens – inventor of the world’s most popular horizontal hive with deep frames! • Discover time-tested methods boasting over 100 years of successful use. • Horizontal hives: advantages and use. Plus an honest overview of all hive systems. • Keys to success, based on decades of experience of countless beekeepers. • Extra-deep frames: advantages, design, and use. • Detailed practical advice with 250 illustrations. • Amazingly comprehensive: all you need to succeed. • One million horizontal hives in use today! • The best book on horizontal hives ever written – the complete reference we constantly use in all our horizontal hive apiaries.
Keeping Bees in Horizontal Hives: A Complete Guide to Apiculture by de Layens
ISBN 978-0-9842873-6-9 (pbk), 374 p., 250 ill., Deep Snow Press, 2017.
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Keeping Bees With a Smile

The comprehensive guide to keeping bees for free, naturally, and without any stings or hassle attached! You’ll learn how to attract local bee swarms • have bees healthy, happy, and productive without any medicines or gimmickry • build simple hives that mimic how bees live in nature • harvest fabulous honey without stressing the bees • and much more. Exceptonally well illustrated (including dozens of detailed color photographs, diagrams, and plans). You can now reverse the global bee decline right in your backyard or your apiary – and this book shows you how!
Keeping Bees With a Smile by Fedor Lazutin & Dr. Leo Sharashkin (ed.)
ISBN 978-0-9842873-5-2 (pbk), 402 p., 140 ill., Deep Snow Press, 2013.
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Beekeeping Seminar • September 29-30, 2018 • Rockbridge, MO

The comprehensive Natural Beekeeping workshop with Dr. Leo Sharashkin, Editor of Keeping Bees With a Smile. It attracts participants from all over the world and includes a visit to his apiary – see a diversity of horizontal hives in action! Please register early to guarantee a seat.

$399   or   $299 for 2 people or more
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Venue: Rockbridge Trout Ranch, Rockbridge, MO 65773. Event registration does not include meals or lodging. 100% Money Back Guarantee if you cancel by July 31, 2018 (registration fees are non-refundable starting August 1, 2018).


Our favorite horizontal hive. • Layens frames (13” long x 16” deep) are ideal for bees’ development and wintering. • Thick warm walls built of 1-1/2” pine – double the insulation value. • Ventilated top covered with aluminum. • Fully assembled and ready to go! • Premium Layens frames included, assembled and wired. • Ideal for backyard and stationary apiaries. • Two sizes: 14-frame (recommended for mild climates, can hold 40 lb surplus honey) and 19-frame (recommended for northern & mountainous states and areas with abundant honey flows, can hold 80 lb surplus honey). • For complete Layens hive management instructions read his book. • UPS delivery to 48 mainland US states only.
Hive with 14 frames: $299      In Stock
Hive with 19 frames: $399      In Stock


As seen in American Bee Journal! This complete Layens Swarm Trap Kit / Starter Hive has all you need to start keeping bees in a Layens hive and succeed in attracting honeybee swarms. A veritable bee magnet! Each kit includes:
  • Hive Box – solid wood (3/4” walls), fully assembled, primed, sealed, and painted. Removable top covered with long-lasting white aluminum.
  • Seven Layens Frames – assembled and wired.
  • Seven sheets of premium wax foundation, GMO-free, to prime the frames.
  • Propolis (bee resin), 1/2 oz – for scenting the box.
  • Swarm lure & slow-release tubes – to scent the box.
  • Ratchet Strap & Wire – to attach it to the tree.
  • Steel entrance gates – four settings: open, closed, ventilation, queen excluder.
  • Instructions for successful use. Made in the USA!

$199       3+ kits: $175 BEST VALUE!     In Stock


Layens Bait Hive (Swarm Trap) with Frames is the easiest way to attract free local honeybee swarms or to keep a small colony throughout a year. Included:
  • Swarm Trap – solid wood (3/4” walls), fully assembled, primed, sealed, and painted. Two entrances with durable steel gates (four positions: open, closed, ventilation, queen excluder). Removable top covered with long-lasting aluminum. All Made in the USA! Weight with frames: 20 lb.
  • Seven Layens Frames – assembled and wired.
Prime the frames with foundation (sold separately) before use, and scent the box with swarm lure and propolis. We also offer complete kits that include all you need in one package.

$139       3+ hives: $119 BEST VALUE!     In Stock


Layens-size GMO-free foundation from Europe. Sweet-smelling 100% beeswax from a mountain region in Spain where bees forage mostly on wilderness plants away from agricultural crops. This is as pure as we could find it. Deep yellow color — made from brood-comb wax readily accepted by bees. Sheets 11-13/16” wide x 13-3/4” deep. Ideal for Layens frames, following his own specifications for foundation size. Standard worker cell size (5.4 mm). Sold in bundles of 14 sheets (buy two and save big – under $2.80 per sheet). Amazing foundation, we love it!
$49 per bundle (14 sheets)       2+ bundles: $39       In Stock
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Our premium self-spacing Layens frames (12-15/16” x 15-15/16” x 1-1/2” wide; top bar 14-5/16” long). Cut, fully assembled, and wired by us in Missouri of #1 quality domestic lumber. Each frame double-checked to conform to our highest quality standards and provide many years of service. Bundles of 14 or 19 frames.
14 frames:  $111.86  ($7.99/frame)      In Stock
19 frames:  $149.15  ($7.85/frame)      In Stock


Our premium Layens self-spacing frames, unassembled. Top bar (14-5/16” x 1-1/2” x 3/4”). Two end bars (15-9/16” x 3/8” x 1-1/2” tapering down to 1”). Bottom bar (12-3/16” x 3/4” x 5/8”). No holes predrilled in the top and bottom bars; not stapled. For fast and accurate assembly, you’ll need: frame-assembly jig, top-bar hole jig, bottom-bar hole jig, wiring jig, drill (3/32” bit), air compressor, narrow-crown staple gun (1” and 3/8” staples), wire, and glue.
$4.50 per frame       100+ frames: $3.50       In Stock
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Lemongrass Essential Oil Kit

Lemongrass essential oil is rich in citral – a natural constituent of bees’ Nasonov pheromone. It makes lemongrass a favored choice for many beekeepers for attracting swarms. This kit includes 10 ml of premium quality 100% pure lemongrass essential oil (enough for 50 traps), a pipette, 10 reusable slow-release tubes, and instructions.
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Propolis is used to scent the swarm trap to make it more attractive to swarms. Propolis is also used to make tinctures for human consumption due to its strong antimicrobial properties. It smells so good! Warm it in your hand, then rub the inside walls and bottom of the swarm trap. 1/2 oz is enough to thoroughly scent 4 or 5 swarm traps.
$5.99 per 1/2 oz bag       3+ bags: $4.99       In Stock

Slow-release tubes for swarm lure

Slow-release tubes with integrated caps for lemongrass oil swarm lure. For best results use two per trap, half-filled with lemongrass lure. Reusable and long-lasting. 400 microliters each. Made in USA of high-quality polyethylene.
20 tubes: $5       100 tubes: $15       In Stock


The only truly universal extractors available, a must-have for anyone seeking the freedom of keeping bees in any hive model of your choice. • Top-quality European manufacture. • Stainless steel throughout, intelligently engineered, durable metal gears. • Transparent plexiglass cover — see honey fly out of the comb. • Easy manual operation or German-made variable-speed reversible motor (dual 110/220 V). • Tangential design for quick and complete extraction. • Well-balanced and stable. Made in Spain by the leading producer of universal Layens extractors. • Includes legs and the honey gate valve. • The most versatile extractor ever. Amazing value, made to last. This is the model we ourselves use with all our hives. In Stock.
Three-Frame Model (diam. 21-1/2”) takes: 3 Layens frames / 3 Deep Langstroth frames / 6 Medium frames / 6 Shallow frames / 3 Jumbo Dadant frames.
Four-Frame Model (⌀ 25-1/2”): 4 Layens / 4 Deeps / 8 Mediums / 8 Shallows.
3-Frame, Manual: $695       3-Fr., Motor: $948       4-Fr., Motor: $1099


This beauty of a honey press is made entirely of stainless steel. Pressing honeycomb is the ancient method of honey harvest that captures all its aroma and flavor and boosts honey’s pollen count. This also separates wax with minimum honey loss. Just load comb, turn the handle, and watch honey pour out. The handle conveniently swings back for reloading. Can also be used for pressing wax cappings and fruit. 2.3-gal basket (8” dia. x 11” tall). The press: 16-1/2” W x 24” H, 26 lb. Ships double-boxed for safe delivery. Super-thick durable stainless steel. Customer comment: “WOW!!! Built like a tank. This will last a lifetime.” Made in Italy.
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This hugely convenient entrance gate offers four settings: open, closed, ventilation, and queen excluder / mouse guard. Made of durable galvanized steel, will not warp in the sun. Measures 4-7/8” diameter; the main hole is 1-13/16” diameter.
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Pest Control Trays — Trap Small Hive Beetles & More

The original Freeman trap trays for pest control. You need one for screen-bottom Layens hive, or three for a Long Langstroth hive. (Can also be used with conventional vertical hives.) Sturdy and long-lasting, bright white color. 15-1/8” wide x 20-1/4” long x 1” deep. Heavy-duty plastic. Just add vegetable oil and insert under the screen bottom to catch small hive beetles, Varroa mites, wax moths, ants, etc. This is the exact model we use ourselves. Made in USA.
$19.95 per tray       6+ trays: $17.50       In Stock
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This hugely convenient uncapping rack holds two Layens frames at the convenient angle while you uncap the cells for the honey harvest. Designed by Georges de Layens, as seen in his book. Securely clamps to any receptacle (tub, even 55-gal drum!) with a rim up to 1/2” thick, to catch the cappings. No more mess during uncapping! Durable stainless steel construction. Made in Europe.
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Easily remove any stuck frame and hold Layens frames conveniently with one hand using this essential Layens Frame Grip. Durable steel with spring mechanism, toothed jaws, and integrated prying tool. Painted red — instantly find it if dropped in the grass. Works with Layens frames (top bar 1-1/2” wide). Made in Europe.
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Our Ozark wilderness honey is awesome. Each batch has its own flavor and fragrance. Produced in a serene remote location in southern Missouri with one of the highest biodiversities on the planet. Wild forests and clear streams for many miles around means wildflowers totally free of pesticides or industrial pollutants. We never treat bees or hives with chemicals, never feed bees sugar, and propagate by natural swarming only. Kept in a way that mimics how they live in nature, our bees are healthy, strong, and thriving. Raw, unfiltered, never heated. Straight from the hive. Packed in attractive, gift-quality amphora-shape glass jars.
1 lb: $20       8 oz: $12       In Stock

FULL 3-VOL. SET – SAVE BIG & FREE SHIPPING! KEEPING BEES WITH A SMILE – by Fedor Lazutin and Dr Leo Sharashkin (ed).
GROWING VEGETABLES WITH A SMILE – You’ve never seen a gardening book like that. Reads cover-to-cover, full of wit and humor. International bestseller from Russia’s most famous eco-grower. By Nikolay Kurdyumov and Dr Leo Sharashkin (ed). Over 150 illustrations, including full-color. 420 pages.
GROWING FRUIT WITH A SMILE – Planting and pruning, soil fertility and smart pest control, apricots in Manitoba and 5-lb pears – this A-to-Z book has it all in full color. Unique insight and detailed practical advice enough to turn your backyard into a universal sensation. By Nikolay Kurdyumov and Dr Leo Sharashkin (ed). 250 ill., 532 pp.
Full set price: $60 (save $30!)       In Stock

Growing Fruit with A Smile

If you enjoyed Keeping Bees With a Smile, you’ll love the other two volumes in the Series. A jaw-dropping read for both experienced fruit growers and backyard gardeners planting their first tree. Richly illustrated and packed with invaluable, easy-to-digest information. Immensely practical, thorough, and fun! Ever thought it possible to get 20 tons of apples from your backyard, or to grow grapes in Manitoba? This book shows you how! You’ll learn how to • Start an orchard from scratch for free with your own planting stock. • Prune with confidence - and discover tricks that make pruning unnecessary. • Graft like a pro and train trees into any shape for beauty and bumper crops. • Hoodwink pests and understand what trees want from you - and what you really want from them. • And heaps more - all delivered with Kurdyumov’s hallmark humor and unparalleled insight. What he demonstrates you can do with fruit and berry plants will totally eclipse everything your Apple or Blackberry is capable of!
Over 250 illustrations, including 100 in full color. 523 p.
ISBN 978-0-9842873-4-5 (paperback), Deep Snow Press, 2012.
$29.95       $20   SALE! Save 10!       In Stock

Growing Vegetables with A Smile

This is by far the best gardening book we’ve ever read, filled with amazing insights not found anywhere else. And much more: Growing Vegetables with a Smile is about cultivating your happiness one garden bed at a time! It makes gardening so attractive you will feel like running into your backyard, sticking seeds into the soil, and then... growing with your plants. With its generous 420 pages, full-color photos, and 100 eye-candy funny illustrations, it’s so above and beyond what you’d expect from a gardening book! It has enough to make you see life with different eyes, and playfully bring in a bountiful harvest to boot.
Growing Vegetables with a Smile by Nikolay Kurdyumov
ISBN 978-0-9842873-3-8 (paperback), 420 p., Deep Snow Press, 2011.
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If bees can soar, so can you! The Art of Soaring is the all-time classic on transforming your reality... through laughter! Stop fighting, effortlessly change your life on the spot and resolve any problem — health, relationships, money. It really works! Immensely practical, filled with funny techniques to fix any situation! We use it all the time, with stunning results. Power of Luck is brilliant and uplifting. You’ll emerge from reading it with a feeling of lightness, renewed joy of life — and a smile. Massive bestsellers in Russia, these two books are brought to you by the same team that produced Keeping Bees With a Smile. Makes an excellent present, too — your loved ones will love it, and your boss may even give you a raise for it!
The Art of Soaring and The Power of Luck by Dolokhov & Gurangov, Dr Leo Sharashkin, Ed.
$33.90       $16.95   Two books for the price of one!       In Stock