“Finally, a book that makes sense to the bees!”

If the bees could write a book review they would be screaming “Yay yay yay, finally, a book that makes sense for us!” The author has been able to create such a beautifully simple, low maintenance, and successful approach to beekeeping that it just may be the way forward for our clearly failing conventional beekeeping approaches – which are ever more dependent on inputs. This book made doorstops out of almost all of our other beekeeping books. I read this book thinking the cover was cute and I wanted to see what the Russians were up to in regards to beekeeping. What lay ahead of me I could not imagine... reading it was a delight, and in fact did put a smile on my face :) It is completely paradigm shifting, and will inspire a whole new world, abundant in flowers, gardens, happy families and communities, happy bees...and most of all.... delicious, natural HONEY!

Amazon.com review by Kaelin Kiesel


“Fascinating! It will shake up your thinking.”

Keeping Bees With a Smile is a valuable guide for independent-minded beekeepers who are seeking ways to keep bees without treating them with chemicals, disrupting their homes, and otherwise intruding on their lives. Fedor Lazutin, one of Russia’s foremost natural beekeepers, describes a beekeeping system based on a trust of a bee colony as a living being capable of solving life’s challenges without human assistance. Beginner-friendly and complete with fascinating photographs, it is a special book, and one that I expect will ‘shake up’ the thinking of the independent-minded beekeepers in North America and Europe.”

— Dr. Thomas D. Seeley, Professor, Cornell University
author of Honeybee Democracy and The Wisdom of the Hive